Minos Swingsunique peace and security

Safely leave your baby in peace with Minos. During sleep as a crib and during playing and rest, Minos will be by your baby side the whole time. This product minimizes your worries with the use of electricity and batteries and the ease of converting from a cradle to a swing.

2-in-1 swing & rocker
  • 3-speed swing
  • Changes direction
  • Timer to turn off automatically
  • Works with batteries as well as when plugged in
musical panelrotating toys
Soft, body and head support
  • Turns into a rocker
  • point harness
  • Washable seat & toys
  • 5-Up to 9 Kg
  • Works with batteries as well as when plugged in
Very attractive and lovely colors

Minos Swings Desctiption:

In its Swing mode, Minos can be swayed at 3 different speeds, plays music for babies with rotating toy bar, and can be put on timer so it turns off automatically when your newborns fall asleep. Swing can change to three different positions, so it is easier for mothers to face their babies. The newborn pads, head support, and 5-point harness make sure the little ones are always safe and comfortable. The unit can be removed from its base unit, therefore turning into a rocker when put on the floor. In its rocking position, Minos helps babies be relaxed and fall asleep easier.


Product Dimensions 91 x 74 x 100 cm
Package Dimensions 43 x 26 x 79 cm
Weight 8.89KG
Shipping Weight 10.5KG
Recommended Age Suitable for 0-12 months