Comfort3 HighchairMuch more than just a chair

Comfort 3 chair is a perfect combination of beauty, function, and safety. From infancy to the age of 3 it can be used both as swing and Food chair. This chair with a musical panel and USB port is a perfect tool to make happy moment for the whole family.

2-in-1 Highchair & Swing
  • Back rest reclined to 4 reclining position
  • Cotton insert pad for newborns
  • Adjustable foot-rest
  • 5-point harness
Musical and USB MP3 functionToy bar included
works great with battery as great as when plugged in
  • 6 height position incline
  • Seat cover is surface washable
  • Swing can be controlled with remote control
  • Removable tray cover and tray table
  • 2 rear wheels
Very attractive and lovely colors

Comfort 3 Desctiption:

In addition to the simplicity and beautiful design, the functionality has been taken into consideration too. This product has two uses: First, it can be used as an electric swing in early time after birth, and after that it can be used as food chair. Electric Swing: This product is designed to adjust the backrest of the chair at 4 different angles to provide a comfortable space for your baby. Adjusting the rocking motion at 5 different speeds gives your baby the peace of mind and having a remote control to adjust the speed remotely is can provide you the ease of use. Other design features include the ability to play music via the USB, as well as playing polygamy with colored dolls to entertain your baby. Other features of this product include extra padding for seat and also natural fibers to prevent sweating. 5 point seat belt provide your baby while awake, playing or even in sleep with covering both hands, legs and also belly. Food Chair When your baby starts eating without worrying about buying a chair, simply remove the polyimide electric twist and install a double-sided tray instead. In this case the chair will be suitable for children weighing about 15 kg. This Comfort 3 Food Chair is adjustable in 6 positions in accordance with the height of the dining table and the dining area in general, and also with wheels mounted on the backrest allowing your baby to sit next to the sofa or anywhere in the home. As your baby grows the Food Chair also grows with the adjustment of the angle and position of the foot. Comfort 3 Much more than just a chair Jikel Food Chair is usable for your baby to the age of 3 and keeps him/ her company in every moment. With the perfect sleep angle and also adjustable height in 6 modes, this chair needs a small space. This chair also is mobile and serves you and your baby with feeling of safety and relief. This chair also has a musical panel with USB port and power port for battery charging.


Product Dimensions 60 x 95 x 103 cm
Package Dimensions 53 x 32 x 73 cm
Weight 12.1KG
Shipping Weight 14.1KG
Recommended Age Suitable for 0 months-3 years