Spark strollersComrade of happy moments

Enjoy travel and urban life with Spark Carriage even more. Easy to fold and carry just like a suitcase is another symbol of comfort. Low weight and low need of space will give you an easy and enjoyable experience.

Perfect sleeping angle for baby comfort
  • Ultra Compact and easy to move
  • One-hand folding system
  • Handle to carry on when folded
  • Cover bag to put the stroller in
Pocket storage for parentsOne-foot brakes
all wheels are removable
  • Bumper bar clicks open from the middle
  • Pocket storage for parents
  • Two peekaboo windows
  • All wheels are removable
  • Leather bumper bar
Very attractive and lovely colors

Spark strollers Desctiption:

The Jikel Spark is a compact folded stroller with easy maneuverability. Its dimensions when folded are the ideal size for airplane cabin storage, and folds extremely easy with one hand motion and it automatically locks when folded. Spark has a handle to carry on when folded, for moving it around easy so there is never need to carry the stroller. Also included, a cover bag to store the stroller when folded. The rear wheels of Spark pops out of the cover bag so you can drag it around easily even when it is put in the bag. Front wheels are equipped with suspensions to ensure your child’s comfort at all terrains. Both rear wheels are linked so the brakes are operated with one motion. All four wheels are removable for even smaller folding. Leather bumper bar gives the stroller a luxurious look and feel, which is removable. The bar also clicks open from the middle so child can be put and removed from the stroller effortlessly. It has a pocket at the back of the seat so parents can store stuff in there like bottles, phones, etc., and two peekaboo windows, one on the canopy and one at the rear of the seat.


Product Dimensions 49x65x99 cm
Folded Dimensions 40x20x62 cm
Package Dimensions 26x46x59 cm
Weight 7.2KG
Shipping Weight 8.5KG