Agro WalkerTogether towards big steps

The pleasant feeling of starting an adventure with Agro. This functional Walker at the beginning of month 3 is used as a jumper to strengthen the baby's leg muscles. By pulling out the Musical toys of AGRO, baby can have a delicious table of his/her own snacks.

2-in-1 Walker & Jumper
  • Swivel wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Base is fitted with safety brakes
  • Locks in 3 different heights
  • Extra padded seats
Numerous music buttons and melodiesDetachable play tray
Base is fitted with safety brakes
  • Have a child window
  • 360 ° front-wheel drive
  • Has a mosquito
  • Separate wheels easily with a button
  • .
Very attractive and lovely colors

Agro Walker Desctiption:

Jikel Agro 2-in1 walker and jumper enables your child to grow stronger and healthier day after day. In jumper mode, allow the baby to jump up and down for better development of lower body. The music tray has many activities and tunes to keep the little one entertained and joyous at all times. The tray is removable and other items can be placed on there for child’s entertainment. When in walker mode, it can be locked in 3 different height positions, and maneuvered easily, thanks to its swivel wheels. However it is fitted with extra security. Large base, prevents the walker to topple and fall over when baby is on it, and safety brakes inhibits babies to over any steps and stairs.


Product Dimensions 74x65x56cm
Package Dimensions 68x18x75cm
Weight 6.95KG
Shipping Weight 8.6KG