Turbo JikelDiscovering the beauty in the embrace of security

Take your child to discover the beauties of the city in the embrace of Jikel. This comfortable baby stroller with standard pads creates a comfortable space for your baby and provides him/her with safety through a five-point belt. The turbo is powered by long coil and a beautiful, yet sturdy body protector for long walks.

Adjustable backrest, which can lay completely flat for sleeping babies
  • Easy to assemble and carry on wheels
  • Strong and lightweight body
  • Reinforced shock absorbers
  • Have a child window
Used from the finest materialAdjustable handle height function
5 point harness
  • Easy to assemble and carry on wheels
  • 360 ° front-wheel drive
  • Has a mosquito
  • Separate wheels easily with a button
  • Carrier installation feature
Very attractive and lovely colors

Turbo Jikel Desctiption:

In design, in addition to simplicity and beauty, it is also considered to be functional. This product is used with two users at the beginning of the day as electric shock and then as a food chair. Electric shimmer: The design of this product is such that the back of the chair is adjusted at 4 different angles to provide comfortable space for your baby to rest. Setting up a swing at 5 different speeds for your baby and having a remote control for adjusting the speed of the distance will ease the use of this product. Other features included in the design of this product are the ability to play music by usb, as well as having polygim with colored dolls that will entertain your baby. Other features of this product include the optional pad for nail polishing that prevents the baby from sweating. The 5-point belt with two-handed, two-legged, and abdomen-free baby provides full protection for the baby at all moments awakened in the wake of playing with Polygam and in sleep mode. Food Chairs: When your baby starts eating, it's enough to take the electric stove without any concern to buy the food chair, and install a two-piece tray instead. In this case, the seat for kids with weight .... will be appropriate. This Comfort Comfort chair 3 adjusts the height in 6 steps relative to the height of the dining table and generally the eating area, and with the wheels on the back of the seat, it is possible to sit next to the sofa and anywhere in the house. has it. It also grows with the ability to adjust the angle and change the foot position along with your baby's growth.


Product Dimensions 60 x 95 x 103 cm
Package Dimensions 53 x 32 x 73 cm
Weight 12.1KG
Shipping Weight 14.1KG
Recommended Age Suitable for 0 months-3 years